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Artist Note:


     "Since March 2020 stress and anxiety have been my constant companions, especially during covid-19 related isolation; but with them came an unexpected guest: hyper vivid dreams (a global covid-19 related phenomenon that was documented in National Geographic in April 2020.) 

     Every night my mind would race with images of odd shapes, flashes of light, dance-like gestures, and stunning colors. Overwhelmed by their frequency and bold nature I set out to document the visions in paint and so comes "Dreamscapes."

    This display is dedicated to those who had a tough time this year. I’m not ashamed to say that it includes myself, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to say if it includes you. We are living in some sort of weird dystopia where not a lot makes sense. I hope you enjoy my art and take from it whatever you need. 

Also, wear a damn mask and f*ck Donald Trump."

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