Alyssa Reynolds (b1992) is a renaissance person and professional creative based in Madison Wisconsin. Their music, paintings, writings, and building projects are themed toward self expression/ self love and are intended to promote and inspire these qualities in all peoples.

      From 2010-2015 Alyssa attended the University of Wisconsin Platteville and studied Percussion Performance under the instruction of Keith Lienert. They studied a variety of  additional instruments during this time including guitar, piano, and vocals; but found they favored hand percussion, mallet percussion, and steel pan. 


     Looking for more opportunity, they left Platteville in 2015 and moved to Madison where they began playing with a variety of musicians including Panchromatic Steel, Shotgun Mary, Eric DeLosSantos, Matt DeBlass, and others. Performances of note include: the 2018 International Music By Women Festival in Columbus Mississippi; the December 2020 “Fierce” series put on by Communication Madison; and the July and August 2021 Groove Roulette.

     In 2018 Reynolds opened their painting endeavors to the world with their first display at Bos Meadery. Reynolds has frequented local hotspots throughout the midwest ever since. Their art style can be best described as nouveau pointillism and uses vivid colors with metallic accents to bring motion and depth to the canvas. Their current gallery is entitled Daydreams and is available for viewing here.


     In 2019 Reynolds took another leap of faith in their creative life and accepted an apprenticeship with Pantuner Steve Lawrie building and tuning steel pans. They were interviewed about this process in 2020 by Northern Illinois University Student Aisha Joseph which was then published by "When Steel Talks" later that year. Reynolds finished their first drum in June 2020 and continues to make efforts to continue their steel pan building journey when they are available to travel to Akron Ohio.

     In addition to all of these endeavors Alyssa is also a poet, writer, and songwriter. Poetry was initially an important element in their gallery displays but has now evolved into its own entity. Alyssa wrote their first song in 2019 and has been hooked ever since. Their plans for the future include showcasing many more of these works to the public.

     With so many areas of experience it is difficult to pin down a singular goal of the artist, however if there had to be one thing to tie them together it would be the simple joy of doing it. Of following childhood dreams, passions, and motivations and really going for whatever the heart desires. To quote the artist, “I do this because I have no other choice. I would be doing this even if I never sold another painting, played another show, or read another poem out loud; I would still do because I love it and because I’m alive and this is all proof of that.”

     *For questions or more information about the artist please contact them here.